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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

BREAKING: You won your election by rigging - Donald Trump tells Buhari

Donald Trump,Buhari

     By  Eric  Patrick,

The American president Donald J Trump has voiced out on the just concluded Nigeria presidential election in which president Mohammadu Buhari of the All progressive congress [APC] was declared the winner with over 15 million votes defeating his main opponent Atiku Abubakar of the Peoples Democratic Party [ PDP] having 11 million votes.

Donald Trump who made the statement in a conclave after getting the news that Buhari has won said, the man wouldn't have won if not by rigging adding that it is his only option.

According to Trump president, Mohammadu Buhari has no ability leading Nigerians to their future, it is a pitty that Nigerians can't stand up and speak for themselves he says.

Do you intend to forget those innocent Nigerians who risk their lives, coming out to vote for you'? he ask Buhari.

After recording millions of death Nigerians in 4 years, poor economy and nothing seems to be working for the country yet Nigerians can't stand up and fight for true democracy.

Nigeria politics is a child play in which the politicians are only concern about stealing the county's funds and develop other countries he says.

The American president unleashed more attacks on Buhari saying that it is a shame for a nation like Nigeria to take calling of election results beyond 2 days, the president also congratulates Senegal on their just-concluded presidential election held 23 of this month same with Nigeria adding that it was successful and peaceful', that is how a country should be not by taking the lives of its people he added.

However, thousands of Nigerians have kicked against the presidential results demanding INEC to do a re-run also the Peoples democratic party [ PDP ] candidate Atiku Abubakar has vowed to take the matter to court


  1. We all know that as long as Nigeria is concern,nothing like free and fair election right from 1960 till to day.sorry to say this,Nigeria politics is just a game of the fittest. So my advice to my fellow Nigeria's now is to ask God to remember our country.arrest my case.

  2. Thank God,somebody is finally saying something about this election outcome.

  3. Trump has said it all, that Super world power support for Atiku and he is capable of finishing, following the pointer.

  4. If where Buhari I wouldn't had done that nonsense called rigging. His in capability is clear, we hate government that downgrade technology, kills education, in this era even some governors Are accused of forging ordinary high school certificate. Tell where are we heading to? The poor will never leave long again nor taste the sweetness of his/her own nation.

  5. Trump has said it all,buhari if people truly voted for you why are they not jubilant

  6. I fear for my country, educated illiterate are jubilation on robbery called election.

  7. The entity Nigeria still has a very loonngg way. With out truly restructuring the entity,we can't be a nation ,a people. We just be deceiving ourselves that we are one Nigeria

  8. Nigeria has never been one entity after the civil war, Buhari is a deciet and he knows that Nigerians are really tired of hi inability to lead us to our expected future. If he has intergrity as he and those who supports him claim he should honourably resign because of a truth Nigerians don't need him anymore.

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