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Thursday, 28 February 2019

BREAKING: Nigerians loves me, they re-elected me because of my good records - President Buhari tells Donald Trump


      By  Eric  Patrick,

The Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari of the All progressive congress [APC] has replied to the American president Donald J Trump over his alleged statement saying that, Buhari who was declared winner in the just conluded Nigeria presidential election which was carried out on the 23 of february 2019 was rigged by Buhari and his associates.

According to Trump who made the statement yesterday in a conclave saying that, the re-elected Nigerian president Buhari has no other option than him rigging the election.

THEWATCH NEWS [] gathered that Trump seems not to be happy with the election results which was favourable to Buhari saying, the people of Nigeria are loving and hard working so they deserve a better leader not someone who is taking their lives, homes and killing their future.

However Mohammadu Buhari has picked interest on what Trump said adding that his leadership has nothing to do with hate speech.

According to Buhari who made the statement in a close door press meeting says, Nigerians loves me that is why they still voted for me and recognize  my good records he says.

I will always protect the people of Nigeria, creat jobs, schools, fight corruption and creat more opportunities because without them i wouldn't have been here today he added.

Buhari has shown expression of sympathy which he send condolence message to those Nigerians who died  in the process of coming out to vote for their candidate i pray that Nigeria will be a better place for everyone and for our younger generation.

THEWATCH NEWS reports that many Nigerians have also died in lagos in the process of celebrating Buhari's victory.

Nigerians celebrating Buhari's victory on a moving vehicle

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