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Friday, July 21, 2023

Judy Austin Slams Nigerians Attacking Yul Edochie For Not Mourning His Son Enough

Actress Judy Austin, has slammed Nigerians who have attacked her hubby for not mourning his son Kambilichukwu, ‘enough’. 

Kambichukwu who's Yul's first son, passed away suddenly in March this time. 

Yul Edochie has been dragged online by some Nigerians who believe he didn't mourn Kambilichukwu enough before returning to the movie set. 


Responding to her hubby's critics, Judy in a videotape posted online moment, said the critics should stay for their children to die so they can show her and Yul how to mourn. 

In her words;

‘’This man lost his first son and you want to come and tell him how to mourn? You want to tell him how to behave."

"Wait till you lose your own then you would show us how it is done." 

But until then, as long as you have not experienced that pain, please shut up because you do not know what he has been going through since last year April." 

"You don't know what he has to endure. And he doesn't owe you that story. It is left for him and his God. What you will do is to mind your business.''

On why the actor returned to a movie set after his son's passing, Judy said;

‘’He left home, in the midst of pain, unbearable pain. He had to go back to work because who will pay his bills? Who will take care of his children? Who will pay his children's schoolfees? He went back to work because he needed to go back to work. You see miserable people who have not controlled their own homes coming to tell him ‘why are you? is it not just one month or two weeks or two days? How is it your business? How does it affect you personally?’'

Speaking further, she said;

‘’He has a right to mourn anyhow he wants. You cannot tell a man how to mourn for goodness sake. Who does that for Christ sake? Who are you? If he wakes up and the only thing he wants to do is to dance and post, he will dance and post. If he sleeps and wakes up and says I want to talk and post, he will talk and post. You own is to mind your business. If you feel he is not mourning correctly, wait till you lose your own child and then show us how to do it correctly''

She said she is ready to battle anyone that comes for her “Odogwu” one thousand times

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