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Friday, July 21, 2023

Frank Edwards Boasts - 'I Don't Know A Yahoo Boy Richer Than Me.'

Award-winning Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter Frank Edwards has sparked a backlash after being compared to the Yahoo boys.

In a video circulating online, the singer boldly declared that he is richer than most  young men involved in online scams. 

He noted that he has considerable wealth that exceeds that of many Yahoo Boys.

Emphasizing that his financial wealth allows him to fulfill his wants and needs, Frank Edward drew a stark contrast to the illegal and nefarious activities that the Yahoo Boys engage in in pursuit of their wealth.

The hitmaker stated that he is able to generously support his family and friends with his salary and enjoy peace of mind, unlike many Yahoo boys who are unable to do so due to the diabolical limitations of their assets. 

"I don't know any Yahoo guys who are richer than me," he said. 

As expected, his bold statement generated mixed responses on social media, with people voicing their opinions on his stance on the matter.

Asa Ijibekee wrote: “Any illegal/immoral way of making money IS NOT the way. And May they know no PEACE in Jesus Christ’s name amen!!

Matino wrote: “Man is talking with pride and senseless.

Jully MK wrote, “Hope this, not pride?

Adelakun Tufayi wrote, “He said it and that’s his truth! There is dignity in labor.

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