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Sunday, July 16, 2023

Crypto Firm's Blockchain: More Than $87 Million stolen by Lagos Big Boy

The International and  Criminal Police (INTERPOL) officers in Nigeria have arrested a Lagos big boy identified as Abayomi Segun Oluwasesan for purportedly hacking his company’s blockchain and stealing billions of Naira.

According to INTERPOL, Abayomi was hired as a web developer by Afriq Arbitrage System, a worldwide crypto space, on June 15, 2022.

Abayomi, who was delegated with sensitive data for the seamless operation of the organization while his employer, Jesam Michael, was undergoing a liver transplant and handed the codes to him, recruited the services of his cronies, disrupting the platform’s smooth functioning, and stealing millions of dollars from hard-earned investors.

Abayomi is estimated to have siphoned and lavishly spent at least $87 million.

Abayomi is the founder of Fidoray Autos, importing over 30 unique wheeled wonder vehicles. He also bought a house and obtained residency visas for the United Kingdom, Tanzania, and Dubai (UAE).

He lavished N450 million on one of his plazas in Lagos, N1 billion on land near the Dangote oil refinery, and N1 billion on the interior design of a hotel in mainland Lagos state.

He flew across the world on first-class tickets paid for by investors.

His fraudulent acts practically crashed the profitable platform on May 15, 2023.

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