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Thursday, April 15, 2021

South African-based publishing company 'Partridge Africa' scammed Nigerian author

South African-based publishing company 'Partridge Africa' scammed Nigerian author

Eric Patrick

A Nigerian Author identified as Aigbe Ray Osagie, from Edo State was scammed by a South African-based publishing company known as Partridge Africa the sum of three hundred thousand naira, [1000 dollars] in 2017.

Aigbe, who is the author of  'How I Danced With The Man In The Mirror' told THEWATCH NEWS that, in 2017 he contacted Partridge Africa to help him publish his new book but the company scammed him of over three hundred thousand naira (300k).

According to the author, Partridge Africa promised to placed his book in two hundred online stores including Amazon and will be sold base on print on demand.

The company told the author that the third company is one of the best self-publishing houses in Africa.

The first call I received from one of the partridge Africa consultants known as Al Mallorca promised me heaven and earth, he said.

Aigbe told our correspondent in an interview that, after all, they promised him, he decided to take a bold step by sending the fake company the sum of three hundred thousand naira to see his dreams come true.


I thought I would make my dreams come true and give me financial freedom not knowing I had just given my money to the devil incarnates who wreck me not just my dreams and throw me into years of depression, he added.

Aigbe said that an agreement form was sent to him from Partridge Africa via email which he signed and forwarded to them.

They made me believe that agreement was real, he said.

After some months, the Nigerian author put a call across to the publishing company to ask for his royalty as promised but he was told not to be expecting any payment.

I was told no one had purchased my book from the 200 online stores and from print on demand. I called All Mallorca who immediately reacted that it was impossible for me not to make any sales and that she personally went through my book herself and loved it, she made it known to me that she will personally see to the matter and give me feedback in 24 hours.

Aigbe added that out of frustration he requested to end the contract he had with Partridge Africa but Adrian, one of the company's consultant told him that they cannot end the contract immediately because of a large number of his book that had already been printed after telling him that his book has no sales.

Aigbe has so far written three books which are; How I Danced With The Man In The Mirror, Game Of Princes, other.

The investigation carried out by THEWATCH NEWS revealed that Partridge Africa invested millions in paying webinars and creating false book agents and sales personal (Mary Aqualos, April Ross, Vanessa Diaz and others of Partridge Africa are actually based in London not in South Africa as claimed by them.


"They trap innocent authors especially from third world countries) into paying large amounts of money".

THEWATCH NEWS gathered that they rehearse their sales pitch to con authors into buying their expensive publishing packages, with guarantees that they will get the book published and provide authors with the tools to help them market and sell the book. Coincidentally all connected to their groups by the way-another scam to further enrich themselves.

Partridge Africa has scammed a lot of authors from all over the world making some commit suicide after not being able to overcome the frustration.

Author's Facebook Account: Raymond David
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