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Monday, 2 December 2019

10 easy ways to cope during heat wave

10 easy ways to cope during heat wave, heat wave

By Eric Patrick,

In the past week, Lagosians have been complaining of the hot weather and the heat is coming unbearable as many have been forced to get air-conditioning into their homes.

 The state Environmental Protection Agency had on last week asked Lagos State residents to prepare for a heatwave.

 However, the General Manager of LASEPA, Dr Adedolapo Fasawe, in a statement emphasised that Lagos, being a high-density city, had a higher risk of increased warming due to the heat.

According to the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, a heatwave can affect anyone.

Below are 10 easy ways to cope during heatwave

1. Drink plenty of water

2. Wear light clothing

3. Prepare your windows for fresh air

4. Stay hydrated

5. Eat smaller food

6. Take cool baths

7. Avoid long-distance walk

8. Keep your room clean

9. Optimize your fans

10. Understand your body temperature

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