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Friday, August 16, 2019

Nigerian ladies invade Offa Poly student’s websites for N50,000 per night sex offer

Nigerian ladies invade Offa Poly student’s websites for N50,000 per night sex offer

A 26-year-old OND 2 Computer Science student of Offa polytechnic, Damilola Sarumi, has been arrested in Lagos for allegedly creating two websites to lure and swindle young girls who need wealthy men for commercial sex.

A police source said the suspect was arrested by police detectives attached to the Iyana-oworo police division on Tuesday after a painstaking sting operation led by the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, Superintendent of Police, SP, Nkereuwem Joshua.

THEWATCH NEWS gathered that the suspect was arrested along with his alleged accomplice in the crime one Folashade Teslim, 20, from Oyo state where ten mobile phones were recovered from her.

Sarumi, sources said had created a facebook site with the names ‘Queen Diamond’ and an Instagram handle ‘Doyin Cookies’ where he lured young girls to hook up with men mostly foreigners who are in the country to work for big companies like MTN and others for sex.

It was gathered that he demanded from his potential customers to register with N10,000 which is for access lock after which he will provide them with an unlock code when they meet him in a hotel for clearance for the next line of action.

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Sarumi we gathered had given the women a vague dummy that the new arrival white men have arrived to work for MTN and have offered to pay N50,000 to the girls of their choice and they are to stay for 20 days each meaning that each lucky girl will go home with N1m after their 20 days stay in Nigeria.

Our source said the girls occupied his site seeking to be favoured for such opportunities that don't exist.

Some of the girls we gathered even promised him some percentage of the money including free sex.

Realising that he has gained so much patronage, Damilola saw that as an opportunity to relocate from his school Offa Polytechnic to Lagos where he lodged in different hotels and invite applicants to his hotel room for a phony screening.

Daily Independent report that he rented expensive hotels to make them believe his adventure was real from there they will pay him his consultation fees which he claimed was N10, 000 each.

This reporter had a chance meeting where the suspect was reeling out his escapades.

Sarumi who is now being interrogated at the Iyano-woro police station where many of his victims had gone to give more revealing damaging details about him said he first lodged at a hotel in Oshodi area which he couldn’t remember the name and invited the girls who went to meet him “I told them that before they could be connected to the main deal they will have to drop their phones with me and they have to wait for me in the hotel room while they remain in the hotel room for me to go and unlock the code I had earlier sent to them when they applied and they complied. That is how I do escape with their phones”.

“What I do is that after each encounter, I will block the site and open another one to avoid being traced.

In another encounter with the girls, he said he relocated to the Obalende area where he lodged in Famous Hotel he invited some girls who were begging him to offer him sex and money if linked to some wealthy white men.

“This time I told them that some white men have arrived to work for MTN and they have agreed to pay the girls N50,000 per night for sex for 20 days and I applied the same way I did at Oshodi, they left their phones with me waiting for me to return with the unlock code that will link them to the white men”. He said.

“What really gave me out was that I relocated to Britannia hotel at Ajao estate I never knew that a girl who was amongst the set at Obalende was actually tracking me because what I do is that once I am done with a particular set, I will blank them off and create another account and for them not to trace me I reopen another platform with another code with a ‘step two verification method’ with this I can use two to ten numbers on one WhatsApp to control the girls.

“So this particular girl by name Mary which I was now using her wassap line with her picture to lure others unknown to me had already told her friends about me and had also reported me to the police. One of her friends by name Mistura hook up with me on my platform which carried Mary’s picture.She alerted her and the police and she played along with me, I told her to meet me at Britannia hotel at Ajao estate.

“She came with the girl Mary and a team of policemen from Ojana-oworo police station and got me arrested.

“I use my money to lodge them and use their money to feed them in the hotel when they come but I make my money from the phones I do collect from them because I sell them to one of my friend Ibrahim who is now in Dubai.

“Ibrahim knows how I get the phones and since he has travelled I contacted him and he directed me to give the phones to his wife, the last one I gave to her she gave me N60,000 part payment of the phones.” He explained,

When asked how he feels now that he has been arrested, he replied “I created the platform, it’s just all about false pretense, I did it for my personal gains I feel sad, I feel bad that I am arrested, I wish I never committed the act, I did it out of ignorance thinking I was wise. I have been doing this without being arrested. I deceived so many girls which I can’t account for, please all I am pleading is to be given a second chance.”He pleaded.

The lady with me does not know anything about this deal, she just collected the phones for his fiancee, and she is innocent. “He said.

On her own part the lady Folashade Teslim,20, from Oyo state who said she was called by Ibrahim, her fiancée to collect the phones from Sarumi and get him some cash that she will send the money to her from Dubai.

She said she knows nothing about the phones but she was only carrying out instructions as given by his fiancée Ibrahim.

According to her she had to borrow N60,000 from somebody which she gave to Sarumi as part payment of the phones he brought.

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