Judy Austin Dragged to Filth for Ending Another Womans Marriage - “You Didn’t Meet Him as a Single Man” - Breaking News in Nigeria today 247 | TheWatchNGR


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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Judy Austin Dragged to Filth for Ending Another Womans Marriage - “You Didn’t Meet Him as a Single Man”

Judy Austin, a controversial Nollywood actress, has faced criticism for revealing that she met her husband, Yul Edochie after her first marriage ended. 

She made this revelation during a Facebook Live session, addressing rumors about her relationship with the actor. 

Judy denied claims that she was still married to her ex-husband when she started dating Yul. She clarified that her marriage to her first husband ended in March 2013 and she met Yul several years later. 

However, her revelation has sparked outrage on social media, with many condemning her for dating Yul while knowing he was married with children. 

People understand that her marriage to her ex-husband had ended, but they accuse her of contributing to the breakdown of another woman's marriage.

Read some comments below;

@chyfyma wrote, “Madam that’s not the bone of contention…the question is: did you meet yul as a married man abi make I rephrase am…were you sleeping with a married man ? Olodo”

@anni_michael2 wrote, “If you met Yul married and then decided to scatter his marriage may all the curses be upon you madam”

@faithful_faith03 wrote, “You met Yul as a married man or divorced like you? Nne the curses remains with you if you were sleeping with a married man. You left your home to scatter another woman’s marriage . This is the reason I always watch out for some of those women that left their husbands,they’re always on a hunt for married men”

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