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Saturday, February 22, 2020

BREAKING: Nigerian journalist reveals secrets why soldiers are getting killed by Boko Haram

 By Eric  Patrick

A Nigerian journalist identified as Eric N, has revealed a shocking secret why the Nigerian soldiers are getting killed by Boko Haram.

According to the journalist he carried out and underground investigation and found out that President Muhammadu Buhari and Buratai, the Nigerian Army Lieutenant General and the current Chief of Army Staff of Nigeria a position he was appointed by President Muhammadu are responsible for the killings of our soldiers.

However, the journalist speaks on how NOKs of the late fallen heroes were summoned in Abuja at the Ministry of Defence for their benefit on Tuesday.

"Speaking with our correspondent [ Eric Patrick] the journalist said he spoke with the wife of one of the dead soldier killed in Kaduna by Boko Haram and she was pouring out causes on Buhari and Burutai for not been able to provide arms for soldiers who are fighting to protect this nation.

According to her, Buhari and his Chief of Army Staff are responsible for the killings of Nigerian soldiers. she added saying they are using our husbands, fathers, and sons for business.

"Since 2015 Nigerian soldiers have been battling to over throne Boko Haram terrorist but failed due to the federal government not able to provide them with weapons.

Boko Haram has rendered thousands of Nigerians homeless, many have lost their loved ones, women became widows as kidnapping has become an everyday business in Nigeria.

Insecurity has become worst in the country as millions of Nigerians are no longer sleeping in their homes, others migrating to other countries.

However, our correspondent spoke with a source in Abuja who refused to give her name and whose husband was a victim of Boko Haram attack said they will kill our husbands, make us widows and give us peanuts.
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