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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

'Black Harvest' Trailer Takes You Into The Dark World of Organ Harvesting

For his next project, titled Black Harvest, James Amuta takes on the underground world of illegal organ harvesting and trafficking.

The Nigerian director's upcoming film follows a group of goons-for-hire guarding hostages held in a kidnap-for-ransom situation.

They soon discover that their employer's business isn't exactly what was advertised, as they find themselves in the same predicament as their victims.

Describing the new project, he tells Shockng, "It’s nothing like I’ve ever done before, and I’m honoured to have had such a stellar team come together to make this world come to life. We had a running joke on the set, where Ade Oshin, my first Assistant director, would say to me, ‘James, we’re not making this film; this film is making itself.' That, for me, was a new territory, where you just let the story possess your soul, stirring you in directions that leave you wondering how anyone could have thought of something this dark.”

The movie shines a necessary spotlight on the illegal kidney harvesting industry, which is booming in Lagos and other parts of the country.

According to The Guardian, illegally harvested kidney sells for between ₦170,000 and ₦1 million. Other body parts go for ₦200,000 and above.

Black Harvest features top Nollywood acts like Kelechi Udegbe, Elvina 'Baby' Ibru, Greg ‘Teddy Bear’ Ojefua, Michael Pankyes John, Lavinna Verma, and Tope Olowoniyan.

The release date is not out yet, but the production company hints at making an announcement news by August 2023.

Before Black Harvest, the director Amuta worked on projects like Blood Sisters, Collision Course, and Oloture.

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