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Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Florida Husband Charged With Beating Man With Baseball Bat After Catching Him In Bed With His Wife


An irate Florida husband battered a man bloody with an aluminum bat after catching him in bed with his wife, according to a CBS 2 report.

John Dimmig, 33, of Lake Worth, is facing attempted murder charges after he burst into the victim’s AirBnB and caught him in the act with his startled spouse, the station reported Friday.

Responding to a 911 call, deputies entered the Lake Worth Beach residence and found the living room spattered with blood.

The red trail led to the apartment’s bedroom, where the badly bloodied victim was lying on his back while holding a towel to his head.

According to an arrest report, he told deputies that he was a CT technician from Arizona in Florida for work.

He said Dimmig’s wife was his coworker and that they had gone out for drinks after work before returning to his Airbnb.

While in bed with her, he suddenly heard the front door open before seeing Dimmig charging toward him with a bat in hand.

The enraged husband pinned him down and bashed him three times with the metal club, according to the report.

“I felt like he was out to kill me,” he told responding officers.

Dimmig screamed at his nemesis, warning the man not to go near his wife. She finally pulled her husband off of the victim before Dimmig fled the scene.

A video camera in the apartment captured her imploring him to end the assault.

“John!,” she could be heard screaming. “Stop! He’s bleeding!”

Dimmig responded in kind, calling someone a “piece of sh–” inside the apartment.

Deputies later went to Dimmig’s home and found him loading his Hyundai accent with two bags of clothes.

His wife later signed off on a search warrant, and police found a black bat along with bloody garments.

Dimmig denied the assault, but was placed under arrest. He is slated to appear in court on July 17.

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