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Thursday, July 13, 2023

Dele Alli Reveals He Was Sexually Abused Aged Six In Heartbreaking Interview


Everton midfielder Dele Alli revealed in a heartbreaking interview with Gary Neville that he was sexually abused aged six, and has still been dealing with the trauma.

Alli, who spent last season on loan at Besiktas, opened up in a shocking interview on The Overlap where he also disclosed he spent six weeks in a rehab after returning from Turkey this year. 

The 27-year-old checked into a rehabilitation unit in the USA due to becoming addicted to sleeping tablets and dealing with underlying childhood trauma.

Alli explained how disturbing events from his youth and upbringing contributed to problems he encountered in recent years, as he explained: “It’s something I haven’t spoken about that much but there’s a few incidents that can give you a brief understanding. 

‘‘At six I was molested by my mum’s friend who was at the house a lot. My mum was an alcoholic. Then I was sent to Africa to learn discipline, then I was sent back.

‘‘Seven I started smoking. Eight I started dealing drugs, selling drugs. An older person told me that they wouldn’t stop a kid on their bike so I’d ride around with my football and underneath I’d have the drugs.  

 “At 11 I was hung off a bridge by a guy from the next estate. At 12 I was adopted and from then…I was adopted by an amazing family, I couldn’t ask for better people to do what they done for me. 

“If God created people, it was them. They are amazing and have helped me a lot’’ 

 Alli’s life changed for the better from when he was adopted at age 12 to when he started playing professionally for MK Dons.

He continued:

 “’When I started living with them it was hard for me to really open up to them.

“I felt within myself it was easy for them to get rid of me, so I tried to be the best kid I could be for them. I stayed with them from 12, started playing first team professionally at 16 and it took off from there.”

The England international spoke about receiving treatment this summer, and wants to help raise more awareness around addiction, as he said: “I got addicted to sleeping tablets and it’s probably not a problem only I have. 

‘‘I think it’s something that’s going around more than people realize in football.”

He also spoke of how Everton supported him through his treatment, saying: “Everton were amazing and supported me. I will be grateful to them forever.

“For them to be so honest and understanding I couldn’t ask for anything more during a time I was making the biggest decision of my life — doing something I was scared to do. I’m happy I’ve done it.”

Alli hopes that him speaking out on the issues and struggles he has had to face through life will help others to make a change in their lives for their wellbeing. 


“People don’t need to be scared of change.

“Change is always hard, when something’s uncomfortable and difficult you get scared, you get the fear, but when you have that feeling that’s the exact time you need to jump and go for it.


“At the other side of fear and change it’s usually only positive things. Hopefully me talking about my experiences if helpful to them.”

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