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Tuesday, July 18, 2023

BBTitans Star, Jenni Addresses Criticism Surrounding The Influencer Killed by Her Boyfriend.

Reality TV star Jenni O has expressed her disappointment towards those who are criticizing Austa, the 21-year-old influencer who tragically lost her life to her boyfriend in Lagos. 

The influencer, known for her large following on Instagram, was involved in a domestic dispute that ended with her boyfriend stabbing her to death. 

The suspect took to social media to confess his actions, claiming that the incident occurred unintentionally during a heated argument regarding betrayal and cheating.

This confession led to an outpouring of opinions from netizens and celebrities alike.

While some condemned Killaboi for his heinous act, others placed blame on the deceased for staying in a toxic relationship with a man known to be fraudulent. 

In response, Jenni O, former BBTitans housemate, expressed bewilderment at the focus being placed on Austa rather than the actual murderer. 

She questioned why people would attack and blame Austa instead of directing their attention toward holding the killer accountable.

For Jenni O, it is clear that those who are attacking Austa lack logical reasoning and stability as they divert blame away from the responsible party.

Jenni tweeted,

“So instead of blaming the murderer… you people are blaming the girl that’s dead ?!!!

Y’all are sick. What’s worse is that it’s fellow women doing such.

Secondly those of you who have big platforms using it to talk nonsense. Just stfu😭

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