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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Man Runs 893 Feet While On Fire, Breaks Two World Records


A French firefighter earned a Guinness World Record for running a distance of 893 feet after being set on fire.

Jonathan Vero, 39, donned a protective suit and was set ablaze on a track in Haubourdin to break the record for longest distance full body burn run without oxygen.

Vero completed the first 328 feet in a time of 17 seconds, breaking a second record for fastest full body burn 100 meter sprint without oxygen.

Both records were previously held by British man Antony Britton, who ran a distance of 670 feet and finished the first 100 meters in 24.58 seconds.

Vero works as both a firefighter and a professional stuntman. He told GWR he "always had a passion for fire" and has "never stopped playing with it."


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