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Monday, April 24, 2023

The Araya bible site and the mystery behind it

On the 21th of April, 2023, I took a dangerous trip from Lagos pass through thick forest to Ayara bible site in Isoko south, Ugehlli, in Delta state in search of where the mystery bible and a letter fell from heaven.

According to locals, anyone who visit this place to pray, whatsoever you ask God for it happens.

After my findings, I noticed that people all over the world come to the mountain to seek for miracles.


However, it is not a place you can just go if you don't have the courage.

For you to get access to the place you must be ready to pass through a thick forest and work inside water for close to 4 kilometers, Says Eric Patrick

Let me tell you a glimpse of what this place is.

In April, 1914 a mystery bible with a letter fell from heaven and when the local farmers then saw it they not able to read to so they to took it a white missionary, who ask them to come back after few days for him to translate it to them.

Few days after, they went back and found out that the missionary has flee with the to bible to Europe, but the shocking story is that he never made it to Europe.

You can not steal from God.

Up until now no one knows where the miraculous bible with the accompanied letter is.


Nerveless, the location where the bible fell is still performing miracles.

Photo credit: Thewatch newspaper

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