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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

2-year-old girl died after drinking toilet cleaner

2-year-old girl died after drinking toilet cleaner

A two year old girl, Arietta-Grace Barnett, has died after dranking toilet cleaner.

Arietta-Grace Barnett was at home when she ingested the product and was found by her sister. She was then rushed by her sister to Southampton General Hospital.

According to a family source, she returned home four days later after receiving treatment but suffered a nose bleed and began vomiting blood six days later she died.

The sad incident happened in June last year, Portsmouth Coroners Court heard today.

Her parents, Lucy Cook and Scott Barnett attended the preliminary opening of the inquest according to the Sun UK.

Area coroner for Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton, Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp said: "On the 28th June 2019 (she) ingested toilet cleaner.

"On the 9th July, very sadly Arietta-Grace Barnett suffered a nose bleed and then she started vomiting blood.

"She was taken back to hospital but unfortunately it was not possible to save her."

The family reportedly wants a full inquest so Coroner Rhodes-Kemp has said the date and location of the full inquest, which will take two days, is yet to be determined.

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