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Friday, April 17, 2020

VIDEOS: Stop racism, stop hating blacks, Nigerian journalist blasts Chinese President

By Eric Patrick

It is no longer news how the Chinese people treat blacks especially Nigerians staying in the country or working under them.

Racism is common in China as the citizens have decided to grow hatred on anyone whose skin is not white.

However, the government of China and the president Xi Jinping, has failed to put to an end racism and hatred on blacks who are residents in China.

Multiple videos had gone viral on the internet showing how the Chinese are treating Africans as slaves and comparing blacks with animals.

"Recently some Chinese officials were caught seizing the Nigerians international passports and depriving them of foods and sleeping in their homes because they are blacks.

"The Coronavirus outbreak which first emerged in China has killed many as the Chinese have decided to start drilling blood from the body of blacks in China," according to them is for the research of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Blacks are been deprived of shopping, taking public transit, eating in restaurants because they are been taken for animals in China.

Our correspondent ( Eric Patrick) gathered that the Chinese are planing to erase blacks from China adding that since the blacks are more like animals and can not be eaten they should not allow them stay or marry their citizens.

Speaking with a Chinese Journalist who identified herself only as Mingze told our correspondent ( Eric Patrick) that the plans of the Chinese government is to cut tiles with African countries in doing so they will make blacks in China uncomfortable and forcefully send them out of China.

According to Mingze, who revealed more to our correspondent on Facetime said the Chinese government wants to cripple African economy because they know African countries purchases all their goods from China. The Chinese people never like Africans especially those that are blacks, she added.

Watch videos below

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