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Saturday, April 11, 2020

VIDEO: Health care workers dancing on social media to cheer up the quarantined and relieve stress

When the beat drops, these health care workers know it's all about the footwork.

Medical professionals across the country are participating in dance challenges on social media. It's helping them share smiles and blow off steam during the demanding coronavirus pandemic.

In scrubs and swag, nurse Kala Baker lip-syncs and dances in TikTok challenges to hits like "Savage" by Meg Thee Stallion at Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Missouri.

She has more than 35,000 followers after starting to share videos last month.

Baker says her challenges, which she films after clocking out, help create solidarity with health care professionals across the country, especially in states hit hardest by coronavirus. She sees it as a way to "bring joy to a really dark place right now."

"I have never felt more connected with health care workers; we all feel like we are all one big team all over the world," she explains.

"We are trying to do it together."

Dancing doctor

Baker is not dancing alone. Stepping to Drake's "Toosie Slide" or swaying on beat in TikTok's popular #Leanwithitrockwithit challenge, health care professionals are using dance moves to entertain, inspire, and encourage each other.

Resident physician Jason Campbell from Oregon Health and Science University films his moves once work is done, usually after 10- to 12-hour days, he says.

"The videos are not meant to detract from or lessen the severity of the virus," Campbell explains.

"They are meant to be a small reminder of simpler times and to give people a smile or a laugh -- to potentially give people the only smile and laugh they have had in their day."

Campbell, who says he's an old-school Harlem-shake type of guy, says he began posting TikTok videos to inspire youth to pursue higher education. But after his video of the coronavirus "foot shake" struck a chord during the pandemic, he realized the need for more uplifting videos.


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