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Sunday, January 5, 2020

Trump did well for killing terrorist Soleimani - Bill Mitchell

Soleimani, Bill Mitchell, Trump

   By  Eric  Patrick

A professor of economics at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia and one of the founding developers of Modern Monetary Theory, Bill Mitchell has advised the US citizens to believe in Donald Trump, adding that his move for killing Soleimani was a nice one.

On his verified Twitter account @mitchellvii the professor, Bill Mitchell urges Americans to support Trump, according to him is for the good of the country.

Bill Mitchell wrote', Trust me, if Trump had not struck terrorist Soleimani, every talk show today would have been, "Why is President Trump so weak against the Iranian threat?  Soleimani appears to be organizing attacks against the US with impunity!..."

You KNOW it's true.

A video was shared on twitter by Skyenews showing how some members of the Iranian leaders were chanting for war.

There has been pandemonium in Iran as some US citizens in the country are living under fear, THEWATCH NEWS gathered that the US embassy and the US troops were under attack after a heavy protest in Iran yesterday.

Donald Trump and Iran's President Hassan Rouhani, have been battling words for words sending threats to each other over the death of Soleimani who was killed by a drone airstrike ordered by Trump. Trump claimed Soleimani was sponsoring terrorist groups and responsible for killings of Iranians and some American citizens.

See tweet below

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