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Friday, 27 September 2019

‘Those chained are the stubborn ones’, says suspect arrested from ‘torture house’

abused children in Kaduna

The man who operates a centre described as a ‘torture house’ in Kaduna State, Ismaili Mohammed, was arrested on Thursday by the police after people were found in chains at the facility.

Among the about 300 people rescued by the security operatives during the operation led by the Commission of Police in Kaduna, Ali Janga, were children in their teens and some adults who were locked up with chains in both hands and legs.

Speaking in Hausa, Mohammed explained why those chained were in such a situation, stressing that they had no other duty than to teach Islam at the centre.

“We don’t do anything other than recitation of Quran, pray, and worship God,” he claimed. “Those chained are the stubborn ones who attempt running away.”

The suspect added, “Those who don’t attempt running away are not chained. Some were chained before and after settling down, they were freed.

“Most of them were brought by their parents from across the country and others from outside the country.”

The centre is located in Rigasa, an agrarian community in Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

Apart from being the most densely populated community in the state, Rigasa is also predominantly inhabited by Muslims.

The centre, going by the inscription on the signboard on the building, portrays it to be a place to acquire Islamic knowledge and sound moral upbringing for children.

While this has been the belief of many residents of the community, the invasion of the centre by police operatives and the shocking revelation about the alleged atrocities being perpetrated by the operators left the people in shock.

The operation which, was an offshoot of volunteered information from a patriotic resident, Hassan Mohamed, took the operators of the centre and even their neighbours by surprise.

With scars of injuries from torture on their bodies, many of those rescued are said to have come from Mali and Burkina Faso.

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