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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Over greed ruined your chances — Idahosa tells Okorocha

     By Eric Patrick,

A former Nigerian Commissioner for Information in Edo State, Hon. Charles Idahosa has said that Rochas okorocha is a nice man and did a good job for the people of Imo state but greed put him into where he is right now.

It is really shocking, I am very emotional about Rochas Okorocha because I like him so much, he has done so well for our party. But it is quite unfortunate that this thing is happening to a man like him. I’m not happy with what is happening to Okorocha, but I’m not in sympathy with him because he seems greedy.

He contributed very well to our party, he defeated incumbent governor, he came and planted APC in the whole of the South-East, but Okorocha wanted his son in-law to succeed him as governor.

The National Working Committee (NWC) sat down and look at the scenario and said; ‘no problem, you want to go to the Senate and you want your son-in–law to become the governor’, I expected him to choose one, but today APC lost out in all. You cannot allow personal greed to destroy the good name you have laboured to build. I like him a lot, I have never met him, but I have always followed his stories and antecedents, and many a time I defend him whenever his matter comes up among top political buzzers. 

But it is very unfortunate that he allowed greed to take a better part of him.
But one thing you must know about Nigerian politicians is that we do not learn from our mistakes, most governors in this country do what Okorocha was trying to do. There is no governor in Nigeria who does not want to plant somebody. He made mockery of the system and he paid for it, it is a big lesson for Nigerian politicians. 

Right now, we do not have any person at the Legislative House; APC has lost all in that state, too bad for him. He should face the music, that is the resultant effects of being greedy.

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