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Saturday, 13 April 2019

Family of my husband’s killer tried to bribe me with chicken, rice –Wife of driver murdered by colleague in Ekiti

Two years after Ojo Ogunsakin, a 42-year-old commercial driver in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, was murdered by a colleague, the wound still remains fresh in the heart of his widow, Adesola. 

A visit to her house at the Ajilosun area of the town will testify to this as the once bubbly woman has become an old shadow of herself.

Even when an Ado Ekiti High Court sentenced the killer, Abednego Ajibola, popularly known as Abengo, to death about 107 weeks after her husband was killed, it was with mixed feelings that the mother of four, who valued the quality time her late husband spent with her and their children, received the news.

Ogunsakin was killed on March 10, 2017 by Abengo at the Akure Garage along Ikere Road in Ado Ekiti following a misunderstanding between two drivers at the park. 

According to the victim’s widow, the judgment of death on the culprit was not only divine but a consolation for all the pains she and her children had suffered since their breadwinner was taken away from them by death. Every day and night, the 40-year-old woman wishes that her husband’s death could be a long dream she could wake up from.

“How I wish my husband could return home one day,” she said while fighting back tears. “How I wish the news of his death was a dream I could one day wake up from. Losing him is one pain I may never get over,” she added painfully.
The petty trader, who has been raising their four children – two boys and two girls –alone since Ogunsakin’s demise, said “life has been rough and tough. But I thank God with whose mercy we are forging ahead”.
Commenting on the death judgment delivered on the killer of her husband, the woman said: “It is God that judges. The judge saw that what he (the killer) did was bad.
“It is the judgment of God. Since the day my husband was killed, I have been saying the killer must pay with his life. There is no way you can take a human life and expect to walk freely.”
According to her, when the people of Abengo sensed that he might be sentenced to death, they started making entreaties to her and her husband’s family members for them to withdraw the matter.
“On December 24, 2018, I received a call from one Tope, a younger brother to Abengo, who said he wanted to see me.
“When I, alongside three others, met him at a popular junction, he brought rice, yams and chicken which he said were for me and my children.
“He said he would want me to write and sign a paper to withdraw the case from court. 
They wanted to bribe and buy my conscience with chicken but I rejected his gifts and told him that there was no price that could replace my husband and that secondly it was a government case.

“Funnily enough, all of them had abandoned me and the children since my husband was killed up until that time.
“About two weeks before the judgment, a friend of Abengo also came to me with a document imploring me to sign it for onward presentation to the judge so that the case could be withdrawn.
“I told him to go and meet with the family of my late husband because such a decision could not be taken by me alone,” she said.

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