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Monday, October 22, 2018

Lai Mohammed is High Priest of APC cult and king of fake news – Atiku

Lai Mohammed is High Priest of APC cult – Atiku

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Presidential candidate, Atiku
Abubakar has described the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji
Lai Mohammed as the “High Priest of the All Progressives Congress cult
of fake news. ”

Abubakar said this in reaction to allegation by Mohammed that the
international media organisations had questioned his emergence as the
presidential candidate of the PDP.

A statement by Atiku’s Presidential Campaign Organisation insisted that Mohammed was an “unreliable” liar.

The statement said: “The attention of the Atiku Presidential Campaign
Organisation has been drawn to a sponsored news story on Vanguard
newspapers of Saturday October 20, 2018, with the headline: ‘2019:
International media query emergence of Atiku over suspicious source of

“In the said report, not one international media was quoted. Rather,
it was the notoriously dishonest All Progressives Congress minister of
information, Lai Mohammed, who was quoted alleging that that was what
the international media told him.

“How anyone would take the word of a confirmed liar, as Lai Mohammed, for the Gospel truth is beyond us.

“To show you how unreliable Lai Mohammed is, at the lecture in the
Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House) with the
topic, ‘Nigeria’s National Unity: Towards Participation and Shared
Values,’ which was his main reason for going to London, Lai Mohammed
said: ‘We do not need to do anything extra because we have delivered on
all our promises and Nigerians are quite happy and satisfied with the

“How the minister of information of a government that has turned
Nigeria into the world headquarters for extreme poverty can say that is
beyond imagination. Is Mr. Mohammed claiming that his party promised and
delivered poverty and Nigerians are satisfied with this world record

“If Lai Mohammed can lie openly at Chatham House in front of the
international press and diplomatic corps, is it a big thing for him to
lie about his accounts with the international media?

“The true position of things is that ever since the emergence of His
Excellency, Atiku Abubakar, as the candidate of the Peoples Democratic
Party after the elective congress of the party on October 6-7, the
international media has been agog with praise for Mr. Abubakar and hope
for a new dawn in Nigeria.

“Reuters praised Atiku as having ‘long enjoyed support from the
business elite in Nigeria’s commercial capital Lagos for his
conservative-capitalist ideals’. They went on to further give him kudos
for his record in office by saying ‘as vice president in a PDP
administration from 1999-2007, (he) implemented a programme of
liberalisation in areas including the telecoms sector.’

“The number one policy magazine in the world, The Economist,
described His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar, ‘as a business-friendly
candidate who will get Nigeria’s economy going.’

“Not one single international paper, magazine, TV station or website
has had anything negative to say about the Waziri Adamawa’s emergence.
That lie only exists in the fallacious imagination of Lai Mohammed.

“On the contrary, international media and even reputable global
financial institutions have predicted doom for Nigeria should Muhammadu
Buhari be re-elected.

“According to one of the world’s largest banks, HSBC, ‘a second term
for Mr Buhari however raises the risk of limited economic progress and
further fiscal deterioration, prolonging the stagnation of his first
term, particularly if there is no move towards completing reform of the
exchange rate system or fiscal adjustments that diversify government
revenues away from oil.’

“On its own part, The Economist wrote off the Buhari administration
as a failure, saying: ‘The 2019 elections will be a close contest
between the ruling APC and the PDP. We expect the PDP presidential
candidate to win.’

“Nigerians can no longer be hoodwinked by the Orwellian propaganda that is the signature of this administration.

“The 2019 presidential election will be determined by Nigerian voters
and not by political soothsayers. Nigerians will make a determination
whether to settle for incompetence versus competence; cluelessness
versus knowhow; joblessness versus employment; restiveness versus
engagement; divisiveness versus unity; nepotism versus merit and bigotry
versus inclusiveness.”

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