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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Buhari VS Rev King 2019: Can this men take Nigeria to the promise land?

Buhari VS Rev King 2019:  Can this men take Nigeria to the promise land?

By  Eric  Patrick,

Reverend Chukwuemeka Ezeugo popularly known as Rev. King who is
believed to be on the death toll following his conviction of multiple
crimes, including murder may have joined 2019 Presidential contest to
become Nigeria’s President.

The convicted acclaimed clergyman’s 2019 campaign posters were seen in some major streets in Badagry, Oshodi in Lagos State.

The posters with the inscription “Vote Dr. Rev. King For Nigeria
President 2019” also has the logo of The Advanced Peoples Democratic
Alliance (APDA).

Rev King who promises to take Nigeria to the promise land, claimed he will do better than the present President Buhari.

I am no more a bad man and i was never a bad man, people use to talk about, i was cast out with fake news, i never did all of that because i am a man of God and i believe people must talk bad about you.

I see my people Nigerians cry everyday, No good roads, food, education, electricity and even jobs for our youths. am here to redeem and take my people to the promise land, APC have failed the country.

THEWATCH NEWS gathered that, Rev King in the pass years have recorded  many crimes, killed a lot of people most of them believed to be his church members.


Since the current president of Nigeria Buhari took over power under the rulling party APC", a lot of death toll have recorded has many have believing to be christians have lost their in fight of Boko haram terro group and that of the fulani herdsmen.

At the look of things, Nigerians are no more comfortable with the way the country is going under the leardership of Buhari after promising the people massive change. THEWATCH NEWS  also gathered that, Buhari has come up with a new trike by offering millions of Nigerians free loans.

Couple to the mass defections of many APC members to the people democratic party PDP Buhari decided to take vacation, in the few days of the acting president Osinbanjo, Nigerians are begining to give him better credit than that of Buhari.

Osinbanjo who ordered the sack of the DSS boss", Lawal Daura week ago went viral as he also urges the IGP Idris to reorganise SARS. Nigerians are saying that the acting president would have done better if he comes president.
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